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26 May 2021
Increased my confidence and fitness.

really lovely and motivating. I struggled to get back into the gym after my friend left for pastures new. So I searched online and came across Molly! Molly has been nothing but encouraging, helpful, and has motivated me to work out on the days I dont see her (never before heard of!) She comes to your home, which of course is great for those who are nervous of Gyms or simply need that extra bit of comfort of being in their own home. lovely and would recommend anyone thinking about a change, to give her a call! I have seen physical differences since working with Molly and will continue to do so! will update this when I am further down the line, but I am so glad I took the plunge and started working with her! 5 stars all the way!

13 February 2019
Worked wonders on my back problems and sciatica

Molly worked wonders on my back problems and sciatica...I’d been suffering for months and tried all sorts of treatments. Within a couple of sessions the pain had gone! Highly recommend Molly

Claire B
8 February 2019
I felt the benefits

I’ve been training with Molly since Christmas and have really felt the benefit. She puts me through my paces every week just gradually edging up my strength and fitness levels. She is always flexible which is great and brings along a selection of good equipment to add variety to my workout. The exercises are always well thought out and tailored to my specific objectives. Highly recommended.

11 December 2018
Professional and Polite

I recently had Molly round for a back massage, from the moment she stepped into my home she was friendly, professional, polite and generally concerned with my condition. Not only did Molly give a wonderful massage she also had taken time out to provide me with exercise plans and advice to help with my current back pain. Thank you Molly for making me feel so at ease and for easing my back.

2 November 2018
Lovely Pregnancy Massage

I had a lovely pregnancy massage by Molly today. It was nice to be in the comfort of my own home and Molly made me feel really comfortable (not easy at 38 weeks pregnant). Would highly recommend.

14 October 2018
Fun and interesting sessions

Molly is great! She makes the sessions fun and interesting. She always checks I am doing the exercises properly and gives words of encouragement. I had a full consultation and after just 4 sessions I am noticing a difference in my strength, body shape and wellbeing. I will continue to book Molly, it's so convenient to have her visit me at home, she brings all the equipment needed, definitely the best Personal Trainer I've had. Thank you Molly.

11 October 2018
Got my body back

Molly comes to my home to give sports massage regularly. I can highly recommend her, she is adaptable, knowledgeable, responsive and gets the job done. Without her sorting out my tight muscles, I would have to stop work and seize up, thank you to Molly for giving me my body back.

20 September 2018
Pushes you that little bit extra

I have been training with Molly for about a month now and have already noticed a huge difference. She plans her sessions and puts you through your paces. She constantly encourages you and pushes you that little bit extra . It’s great you can have your session in your own home as I don’t like the gym. Molly also provides a training exercise programme as part of the package along with some healthy eating guides

9 September 2018
Back in shape

I have been training with Molly and she has helped me get back into shape. She has a wide knowledge of exercise prescription and is very professional at all times. I have seen not only my strength increase, but also my level of cardio fitness increase. I can not recommend Molly highly enough.

23 August 2018
Surpassed my goals

Highly recommend Molly Home Personal Training. I feel so much better in myself inside and out since starting the personal training.  Molly has helped me reach and surpass the goals I didn't feel I would have ever reached. You  can also do it in the comfort of your own home which is an added bonus. Molly is friendly and encouraging, boosting your confidence to reach your desired goals with ease.

12th March 2019
Worked wonders on my back problems and sciatica

I've been training with Molly for a few months now and she takes a broad approach to my fitness. I have strength training and cardio training and I have really felt the benefit. The sessions are well thought out and if I have a specific area I want to work on Molly factors that into my tailored programme.