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From Personal Training and Nutritional Advice to Pregnancy Massage and Rehabilitation Excercise tecniques, Molly Home Personal Training offers a diverse selection of training and courses.

No obligation health check

No obligation health check

Each client will receive a free no obligation health consultation lasting approximately 45 minutes.

During the consultation, each client will complete and sign the following documents after they have been thoroughly explained to them and any questions have been answered;

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
Informed Consent
Client Trainer Agreement
Disclaimer Form

Following completion of these documents, I will discuss with the client your current health status, medical history and nutrition.I will take some measurements from the client including weight, height, blood pressure, oxygen saturation hip to waist ratio and body fat percentage.

I will then discuss with the client their current fitness levels and their aims and goals for the future. If the client decides to book a personal training session, I will use the information to produce a tailored plan to help them achieve their goals.

The client will also receive exercises to do at home and a basic nutrition plan to help them achieve their goals.


PErsonal Training Sessions

Personal training sessions

Following a thorough health consultation, I will deliver a tailored session to suit the clients individuals needs and aims. I offer one to one, paired and small group (max 3)  personal training so whatever your preference, I am confident I will be able to accommodate your needs.

Each session is designed to help you achieve your goals e.g. weight loss, increase muscular strength and endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness and overall wellbeing. I will bring all of my own equipment to enable you to have the benefits of a personal training session without the inconvenience of travelling to the gym, monthly fees or queuing for gym equipment.

My equipment includes;-Aerobic bars (2-10kg)-Adjustable dumbbells (2-10kg)- Kettlebells (2-20kg)-Slam Balls (5,8,12kg)-Aerobic Step-Mini Trampoline.- Exercise mat.- Weights bench.

Throughout the session, I will give you encouragement and detailed guidance on technique using verbal and visual demonstrations. For each exercise, you will be given clear teaching points which will allow for optimal technique allowing you to get the maximal benefit from each exercise.



Sports Massage in Braintree

Prior to a sports massage, each client will complete a massage consultation regarding their personal details, medical history, level of pressure preferred and any areas they would like me to focus on in particular.

I will bring the massage table so you can have a sports massage in the comfort of your own home. A sports massage can be beneficial for both athletes and non athletes, these benefits include;

Aiding muscle recovery
Relieves muscle tension
Can reduce muscular pain

I will use a variety of different techniques throughout the massage including effleurage, petrissage, tapotement variations; hacking, cupping, frictions, clapping, wringing, shaking and vibrations.By using a variety of techniques, this will help to optimise the benefits associated with the outcome of the massage.



Dietary analysis and nutrition

A healthy balanced and sustainable nutrition plan which is customised to you.

This will ensure you receive macro and micronutrients within your tailored calorific intake to achieve your goals.If you decide to go ahead with a nutrition plan, you will firstly be sent a detailed questionnaire and a 7 day food diary to complete.

It is important to be completely honest when filling in these documents as this is the information I will use to produce your dietary analysis and tailored nutrition plan.

I will analyse this information and produce a detailed dietary analysis comparing your current intake with recommended levels and what changes need to be made to help you achieve your goals. I will then produce a personalised calorie, macronutrient and micronutrient nutrition plan taking into consideration any allergies, intolerances, likes, dislikes and current lifestyle factors.

You will receive unlimited support and we will monitor your progression regularly and make any adaptations if required to suit your individual needs.

Online Training with Molly Home Personal Training


Struggling to commit to personal training sessions? Do you know what you want to achieve but you lack the knowledge in this area? Do you want personal workouts to complete in your own time?

Look no further! - Personal Access to my app and online service gives you unlimited tailored workouts to suit your goals. Each workout will be individual to you and suited to your goals and needs and can be used at home, gym or anywhere! (no equipment is needed)

Online weekly reviews of progress.- Regular adaptations of the programme to suit your needs.- Continued support and guidance.



Pregnancy Massage in Braintree

Prior to a pregnancy massage, each client will complete a pregnancy based massage consultation regarding their medical history, information regarding their pregnancy and their main areas of discomfort. I will bring the massage table to you so you can  relax and unwind with a pregnancy massage in the comfort of your own home. The massage will last for one full hour. The massage will be performed whilst you are on your side and includes your whole body. If you have particular areas of discomfort, I will focus on these concerns more specifically. I will ensure you are fully supported throughout the massage and that you are as comfortable as possible whilst you enjoy the benefits of a massage. A pregnancy massage can have many benefits including;

Reduced back, joint pain and swelling.
Enhance mood.
Regulation of hormones.
Improve sleep and circulation.
Encourages relaxation.

Please note, you should not have a pregnancy massage if you are under 12 weeks pregnant.



Cancer and Rehabilitation

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, undergoing treatment, palliative care or in remission I can help you to achieve your personal goals and maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise can have so many benefits for anyone who has been affected by cancer as it can help to;

Reduce fatigue levels.
Improve fitness, mobility and strength
Reduce body fat.
Improve mood and quality of life.
Help to prevent breast and bowel cancer.
Reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

Each client will complete a detailed no obligation health consultation where we can discuss your current situation in detail, any concerns or queries you have and we will work together to put a plan in action that will help you to reach your personal goals. I will travel to you and bring all of my own equipment to conduct the session. Each session will be specifically tailored to suit your individual needs. During the session, I will provide you with detailed demonstrations and guidance for each exercise and this will ensure the exercises are performed in a safe and effective manner. I will also provide you with reassurance and encouragement throughout the session to help you to achieve your goals. You will also receive home exercise advice and nutritional guidance.